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A favorite style for most middle and high school wrestlers looking to change things up a little from the regular season.  We have experienced coaches and freestyle almuni champions in the room to help teach newcomers and challenge seasoned veterans.


Folkstyle is always a part of our daily training, as our experienced coaches and top level wrestlers help to challenge and prepare your son or daughter for the next season.  Our focus and emphasis on perfecting the fundamentals has allowed our program to produce the most masters and state qualifiers in the region.


An all around favorite during the off-season.  New comers may shy away from Greco but it helps to develop a well rounded game.  With a focus on throws, positioning and upper-body strength, your son or daughter will be learning from some of the best in the area.

In conjunction with the Folsom Athletic Association (FAA), and the Folsom High School Wrestling Team, the MAD DAWG Wrestling Club has been created. It will be open to all boys and girls ages five and older. Younger children may also be involved but their participation will be at the discretion of the club coaching staff.


The wrestling club gets underway immediately after the High School State Wrestling Championships with registration taking place in early March on the first Tuesday evening after the state tournament. All formal practice sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the month of May. Workouts will actually be scheduled through out the entire spring, summer and fall. This will enable the truly dedicated athlete to stay connected to the sport of wrestling year around. 


Athletes who are in elementary school with no experience will practice from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Athletes in middle school, high school or in college will practice from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Elementary school aged wrestlers can practice during the second session as long as they have some wrestling experience.  All wrestling sessions will take place at Folsom High School, which is located at 1655 Iron Point Road.


Wrestling instruction will be geared for the beginner as well as for the high school veteran.  The club staff is comprised of experienced coaches from Folsom High School and from Sutter Middle School.  Supporting the adult coaches will be members of the Folsom High School Wrestling Team.  This is a unique “peer coaching” concept in which teen athletes work directly with younger children as positive role models.  Additionally, guest coaches from the Sacramento wrestling community will also occasionally instruct the athletes.


The training sessions will stress proper wrestling technique, and physical conditioning which may include stretching, running, and weightlifting.  Wrestlers generally practice in shorts, t-shirts and wrestling shoes or sneakers.  However, other optional gear includes kneepads, headgear, and a wrestling singlet.  The coaching staff will emphasize upon each athlete individual and team discipline while at the same time providing a positive and fun recreational atmosphere. For those athletes wanting to actually compete, the MAD DAWG Wrestling Club will be traveling to local wrestling tournaments on Saturday mornings.  Wrestling competition requires that athletes similar in age and size be grouped together and only wrestle one another. Athletes will compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals as they do in Olympic competition.


The focus of the wrestling club is to provide “off season” training opportunities for Middle School and High School aged athletes. Another club objective is to provide fun introductory exposure to the sport of wrestling to the younger elementary school-aged athlete. For this reason, athletes who are simultaneously involved in other sports such as baseball or soccer are always welcome to participate. Wrestling practices and competitions are not mandatory. The club goal is for the young athlete to simply “experience” wrestling. He or she can decide for themselves to what degree they would like to become involved with this particular sport.


The cost for each participant is $150 dollars ($100 for each additional family member) Those athletes wishing to compete at Saturday wrestling tournaments will also be required to purchase an official USA Wrestling card. This card can be acquired by going online at All registered participants will receive a club t-shirt. For further information regarding the MAD DAWG Wrestling Club, please contact Coach Duane Fidel at (916) 983-4311 (hm) or (916) 705-8077 (cell).

Continue wrestling throughout the entire summer and fall. That’s five more months of off-season training; starting the first week of June, all the way through to October. Although initially we will continue to practice both freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling, we will eventually convert back to folkstyle wrestling for the majority of the program. When: Tuesday and Thursday evenings with two separate sessions. 1st session: 5 pm to 6 pm for beginner/novice wrestlers. 2nd session: 6 pm to 7:30 pm for experienced wrestlers.

​The Alpha Dawg Wrestling Club is an intense, advanced wrestling program which caters to the most experienced middle-school wrestler (3rd to 8th grade). This program is an extension of the Mad Dawg Wrestling Club but is intended for the more advanced wrestler. Participating athletes are expected to be highly motivated and highly competitive.

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