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Alpha Dawgs Compete at FLO Reno Worlds

Nine Alpha (Mad) Dawgs traveled to Reno for some of the toughest competition in the country. While they all gained some great experience, one Alpha kid made it all the way to the finals, Colton Meixner. Colton faced some fierce competition, and defeated Samuel Barton of Roseburg, Oregon in the quarter finals, and defeated Kaden Torres of Culver, Oregon in the semi finals. Colton fell short in the finals losing to Tulsa National Champion Terence Crawford of Omaha, Nebraska. Colton injured himself in the finals and defaulted to 3rd place, as he could not wrestle for true 2nd place. Great job to Garrett Hicks and Jordan Yi as well. They both made it to the quarter finals in their brackets.

It takes a lot of heart to compete at such a high level and all the Alpha Dawg kids wrestled well.

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