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Pia Hill Earns First Place at Wrestle 4 Hope In Napa

This past weekend Pia Hill traveled to Napa in order to compete in the Wrestle 4 Hope Tournament. Wrestle 4 Hope is a girls wrestling tournament where proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. Pia wrestled well and her impressive shots and takedowns led to a gold medal. Pia has been a fierce competitor all season as she met both boy and girl wrestlers at the center of the mat. Girls wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. Coach Yi stated "I'm glad it's growing rapidly. Girls deserve it. The more girls that participate, the better it is for male and female wrestlers, as well as the sport itself. Girls' participation helps to grow and bring awareness to the sport of wrestling".

When asked what she thinks about girls in the sport of wrestling, Pia stated, "I think the other girls have the same good experience that I do".

Alpha Dawg is lucky to have such a talented 8 year old on the team and we feel that she is an inspiration for others. Congratulations on adding another gold to your collection Pia!

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